We are always looking for suitable volunteers, people that are a little experienced with dogs and love to spend some time with them.
Stepping Stones team is a crew of hard working local volunteers. Every day a volunteer starts to feed all the animals (dogs and horses) and then continue to let some pups free in the garden, to clean all the pens and fill up the water buckets. A volunteer has an important role in observing our dogs behaviours and care for them to make sure they’re healthy and happy. All work can be done in about 4 to 6 hours, depending what extra’s we deal with.

When we have time we take a few of our dogs for a walk. This is an important task where we can see a dog’s behaviour outside Stepping Stones. For puppies this is the first time they can get used to a harness and leash, which is important for when they travel. Some of our volunteers would come an extra day just to take some dogs for a walk. When you want to walk our dogs for a first time we will arrange one of our experienced volunteers to join you.

We are only a small charity so we mostly look for committed people that would like to volunteer on a regular basis.
Do you live on the island and you consider to give some of your time to our dogs? Please contact us!

If you live outside Greece, please also contact us and we will arrange a video chat.